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NoogaLive Episode 3 - Serve With Integrity

NoogaLive had the privilege to sit down with two amazing servants of our great city, Chief Roddy and Captain Sutton with the Chattanooga Police Department.

Topics we discussed:

Recruiting new officers - efforts to have more diversity among the ranks

Hiring now for March 2020 academy

Development of a Chattanooga Police Officer (all community policing focused)

community immersion

neighborhood partners

front porch line ups

school liaison program

community event participation

The entire episode and topics discussed were woven with how the department’s culture and officers care about this community. To the point where it is a constant focus and questioning of how are they doing as it relates to community involvement. Offices whether they are in a patrol capacity or not, are encourage, and I mean highly encouraged to get into the community, connect with the community and engage.The partnership between community and those paid to serve is critical to success as Chief Roddy and Captain Sutton describe.

One topic that was critical we want to harp on a bit is the initiative. LOCK IT HIDE IT HOLD IT

Help yourself before thieves help themselves


Lock your vehicle when you leave it


Hide valuables in trunk


Take valuables with you


Don’t take for granted your stuff is safe. Be mindful, cautious and aware.

Thank you for hosting us Office Tomas, Captain Sutton, and Chief Roddy. This city is blessed to have you.

See all the ways you can connect with the department:


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