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NoogaLive Episode 2 - Chattanooga School of Language

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Episode 2 was so much fun. With the growth and diversity of life in Chattanooga, there has to be a diversity in language. Not only to learn English, but also to engage in so many other languages. Last year alone, the Chattanooga School of Language assisted over 1000 students in gaining the new skill and love of a foreign language.

Language is an art unto itself. Just like in the intro we are blessed to hear Laurie speak to us in another language that sounds like music and rhythm to the ear. Other languages have so much to offer. Not only in the skill of the language, but also the cultural side.

From their website at

The Chattanooga School of Language, LLC, offers the highest quality language instruction in more than 15 different languages to people of all ages and proficiency levels through small classroom settings, flexible schedules and cultural activities. With a team of passionate and dedicated language instructors, CSL provides students with the structure and personal interaction they need to achieve their personal and professional goals in language acquisition and cultural understanding.

“We are here to create a more aware, educated and inclusive community through the teaching of language and culture. - Laurie Stevens, Owner of Chattanooga School of Language”


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Thank you Chattanooga School of Language for having us.

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