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Episode 6 - Chattanooga Whiskey - A New Legend

There are moments in these NOOGAlive journals of the people and places and events where we live you get knocked over. Do not mistake all these episodes and the subject matter is incredible. Then there are times when you meet people that inspire you to be better, courageous, and go after life. That was our day with Tim Piersant. Tim is the real deal as a person and one who cares for his community and is also unstoppable passionate about his chosen business. Chattanooga Whiskey., Jody and I are better off for spending time with Tim today. Then you get to learn about the company, his team, values, and product he is giving to the world. So exciting. He loves Chattanooga! More at the link below. Connect with them for amazing tastings, tours, corporate events, personal events, and more. World class in our town. Just know we have another wonderful business owner in our town...NOOGA

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Your Digital Mayors Jody Stein and Robert Barber have teamed up to highlight the amazing place that is Chattanooga. With Jody's heritage she brings a deep look into the Chattanooga life. With Robert being a new transplant he brings a fresh set of eyes and love for this new home city. 


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